Physician Teleradiology Licensing

Physician Licensing is arduous and time consuming. If you are credentialing physicians, then you are not benefiting your practice's bottom line. Outsourcing makes sense. It's' efficient and cost saving. Allowing a specialist to manage the process for you will free your practice up to deal with what does benefit your bottom line-your patients.

Pressure and attention to detail. That is what creates an expedited medical licensing process. Without the combination of these two the physician credentialing process will be delayed. is experiencing medical licensure times between 2 to 3 1/2 months for most State Medical Boards.

How does the Process Work?

  • Submit the order online or complete a 5 minute phone consultation
  • Fax or email each practitioner's CV' to our office
  • Have the practitioner sign, notarize, and proof the packet that we send to you office within 3-5 business days
  • Return the packet back to our office.
  • will submit the applications to each State Medical Baord
  • will request all of the required verifications
  • will follow up on a weekly basis with all parties until the application is deemed completed

Price Matrix for Credentialing:

$409 per State - 20 or more States
$449 per State - 5 or more States
$569 per State - 1 or more States